Advantages Of Internet Phone Service

The principle behind VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system or the Internet Phone service is quite simple. Shorn of all technical jargons, it may be described as converting sound into data before sending it over the Internet, and then re-converting the data into sound at the receiving end.

As only a small part of the total Internet bandwidth is apportioned for VoIP phone calls, the general Internet service is not, in any way, impeded. The popularity of Internet phone service or VOIP is now on an all-time high, especially with the globalization of economy and businesses having to deal with customers/business associates located in all parts of the world.

The Internet phone service has multifarious advantages for all types of users -individuals, home offices, small and mid-size business as well as large corporations.

Cost Savings: This is the one of the foremost reasons why people opt for Internet phones. If you use a PC-to-PC service, it is virtually free and if you use a Phone-to-PC service, then you will have to pay a service fee – but even this fee is very nominal compared to the traditional phone system.

Portability: Portability is another significant advantage of Internet phone service. You can carry the VoIP phone adapter wherever you go and you can enjoy uninterrupted communication facility as long as the place has high speed broadband Internet service. There’s no need to change the phone number when moving unless you want a different area code.

Affordability: The charges for making long distance and international calls are quite affordable and this is another key advantage of Internet phone service. For a flat monthly subscription, many basic plans provide for unlimited domestic calls and unlimited international calls may also be available as an add-on feature. This feature is of immense benefit to businesses that have to regularly communicate with overseas clients and business associates.

Features: Apart from standard features, Internet phone system has a host of extremely useful features for all sizes of businesses – Speed Dialing, Find-me-follow-me, Do not Disturb, Call Transfer, Toll-Free Numbers, Caller ID Blocking, Multi-Ring facility, Distinctive Ringing, Enhanced Voicemail, Area Code Selection, Anonymous Call Block etc. While talking on the Internet phone, it is also possible to send pictures and documents at the same time.

Recording facility: Many Internet phone services offer recording facility and that is a big boon for educators and professors who conduct e-learning programs. These professors can record their lectures or lead study sessions in real time, facilitating students to update with class lessons that they are unable to attend. Besides, you can maintain records of client conversations and sensitive business deals for review later.

Of course, it needs to be stated that you cannot avail of the numerous benefits of Internet phone systems unless you select the right Internet phone service provider who understands your nature of business and is sensitive to your communication needs.

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