Catch Up On Celebrity Life With Wireless Internet

If you ask someone under the age of 20 years old, chances are that they will have no idea what life was like before having wireless Internet access in every school, house, and caf was as common as having landline telephones. They probably have never experienced life before instant messaging, texting, and social networking websites were the dorm, dominating just about every aspect of our modern lives. Some of these kids get 4G phones for their 8th grade graduations, after all!

Similarly, the youth of today will most likely be hard-pressed to remember a time before the lives of celebrities dominated the nightly news. Certainly, for decades, the United States and its media have been celebrity-obsessed more so than other cultures around the world. After all, who amongst this countrys older generations can forget the sordid love lives of Elizabeth Taylor, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, or Clint Eastwood? Everyone knew when Betty Ford went to rehab, and could read you a list of times that Bill Clinton was suspected of stepping out on Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you ask the modern Canadian the name of their Prime Minister Stephen Harpers wife or children, he or she might respond by asking you why he or she is supposed to care. Meanwhile, even the most politically-uninterested Americans could probably tell you a little something about Michelle Obama, the very same people who might fail to point to the location of England on a world map, or fail to be able to identify what language is spoken in Brazil.

But regardless of Americans long-standing fascination with the personal lives of its celebrities and political leaders, it cannot be denied that today more than ever, celebrity obsession has reached a fever-pitch. While most of print media is in an absolute decline, the number of celebrity gossip-focused tabloids that litter the check-out aisle of your local supermarket only continues to grow with time. Even more so than this, go to any wireless Internet website, and you will likely find huge portions of the news round-ups dedicated to the goings on in the lives of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber.

So why have things taken such a turn in American media? Some people point to the existence of wireless Internet itself. These days it is easier than ever to relay information about different stars and what is going on in their lives, because if someone spots Nicole Ritchie at a Los Angeles night club, they can snap a photo, put it online, and send it to all of their friends. This is the same way that videos of cats doing funny things and skate boarders falling off of rails in hysterical ways become viral. The media is more fluid. More people can put information online, disseminate it without any cost and minimal effort, and take in the information that others have decided to share. It is a brave new world in the age of the Internet, and it seems like the celebrities who would like their privacy are faring worst of all! But do not feel too bad for them: they might be followed all day by cameras, but they still have millions of dollars that you never will.

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