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Home Appliances Centre to see the LCD TV prices. That’s a surprise that such a low price is not out of national brands, but from the Japanese manufacturer of an appliance. Previously set in the minds of consumers rely on the quality of the “foreign” brand TV, Tiger is also playing a Price war. “Foreign” brand LCD TVs fell over thousands Strong Sales After New Year’s Day home appliances after the market before the Spring Festival has always been valued by the merchants. Domestic LCD TV brands in the last year to win low-cost “foreign” brand, into the Tiger Chinese New Year Appliance.

Sell Season, the “foreign” brand also started a price war. According to exhibition sales personnel, this price adjustment is less than 10 days, more than the 1,000 yuan price reduction, the original prices are more than 4,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan. The Department of the hall opposite a Korean brand 32-inch LCD TV has played a minimum price of 3199 yuan.

Small “foreign” brand LCD has a price not available Consumer interest reporter can get so low during the Spring Festival, the “foreign” brand LCD TVs, the sales staff told reporters, as LCD panel Tension, lack of upstream manufacturers supply, small size LCD TVs have been sold out of stock.

An industry told reporters that small-size “foreign” brand LCD TV in short supply situation there, because the small size panels are from domestic manufacturers, while domestic manufacturers of LCD panels have been made to buy several brands off, then the small size of the “foreign” brand TV will naturally face the situation of a price not available. The LCD panels made in China, is “foreign” brand LCD TVs play cheap reasons.

Domestic high-end large-size liquid crystal drop from 10 to 15% And “foreign” brand television the situation is different significantly lower prices, domestic brand LCD TVs have been significantly reduced no more. Reporter saw labeled “32-inch LCD TV 2599 yuan,” “42-inch LCD TV 4999 yuan” several domestic LCD TV prices, with the same size “foreign” brand LCD TV ratio, the price difference has been less than 500 yuan.

Street, a large mall in domestic TV appliances Centre Manager Cui Yan-Gang told reporters, as the major domestic brands last year, LCD TV has taken a substantial price cuts this year, facing rising production costs, domestic prices of LCD TVs this year, the number is no longer price reduction space. During the Spring Festival, 52-inch, 46-inch-made high-end LCD TV of 10% to 15% decline, while the mainstream 32-inch, 42 inch LCD TV in the low-cost domestic prices were flat with last year.

Internet LCD TV LCD TV higher than the average 1,000 yuan As domestic Internet TV The rapid rise and popularity, a tremendous shock and subversion of the original

TV Industry structure. In the interview, the reporter found a internet movie function of the Internet LCD TVs are very popular.

Internet TV, not only for the public to bring a new TV entertainment lifestyle, but also a strong impetus to the upgrading of industries, opened a new era of color TV industry. According to a domestic brand LCD TV sales staff introduced Ms. Chen, their house brand launch Internet TV Internet access can be achieved through upgrades, online K songs, watching movies online TV, online games and other functions.

However, Ms. Chen told reporters, as the increase such LCD TV network function, resulting in production costs than conventional LCD TV, so prices are higher than the average LCD TV thousand dollars.

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