Impact Of Internet On Indian Stock Market And Investors

INTERNET”. It has changed the way we see the world and redefined the traditional communication media. Internet has brought revolutionary changes in all fields.

India was introduced to the Internet in the early 90’s and the use started to increase rapidly. India stands 5th in the list of countries by number of internet users (Source: Wikipedia).

The Stock markets introduced Internet trading (online-trading) in February 2002 which has brought a tremendous change in trading. The National Stock Exchange started the first form of online trading wherein a user/investors can BUY/SELL stocks in a day without much paper work.

Earlier it used to take around 60 days to BUY/SELL stocks in stock markets and the investor also had to go though loads of paper work. But thanks to Internet the wait has curbed and in the last ten years, Indian capital markets have recorded 1488% of growth in exchange turnover.

In the recent past, the participation of retail investors has increased and they are considered as the most unsafe participants in the market. The following are the major hindrances noticed for investing in stock market:

Price Fluctuation
No guaranteed returns
Confusion in choosing stocks
Lack of information on investing
Bad experience with markets

Though there are lots of participants like forums, tippers, technical or fundamental analyst etc. who suggest the investors on choosing stocks, they fail to follow up with the stock. The money of the investors is blocked in stocks as they are not informed about when to sell the stocks. This is where an investors is loosing money though they have entered the stock at the right time, they don’t know when to exit to make profits.

Of all the available online services which suggest on investing in stocks, it is believed that is one of the most reliable online decision making systems aimed at serving investors dealing in financial instruments, globally.

VantagetTrade is a step beyond decision supporting systems that exists today wherein the users are exposed to open-ended outputs, which are subjected to individual interpretations. Investors can view signals on the stock of their choice with detailed description of the stock movement in simple English consisting of analysis, suggestions and day’s action.
The users can access VantageTrade from any corner of the world connected with internet to know what and when to buy and sell. Users can also be informed about their favorite stocks by SMS alerts which make investors life easy.

This shows the direction the internet is heading. It leads to safety in the stock market with this product and the ability to execute the trade within few seconds after getting the call to buy or sell.

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