Internet Download Manager for Android – Increase Your Download Speed by Using This Mobile App

For the desktop PC users, the IDM will be really familiar particularly for people who like to download files from web. Now, there is mobile version of this app namely the Internet Download Manager for Android that has not been developed by the Tonec Inc. (the maker of desktop version of IDM). In fact, you will find out that this application comes with very identical functionalities as compared to the computer version. Listed here is the review of Internet Download Manager for Android which may be used as your personal preference.

The major features of Internet Download Manager for Android are the exact same with the pc version namely the compatibility with the most of mobile browsers, the integration with any 3rd party internet apps, download speed acceleration up to 5x, and the app facilitates for HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols. Aside from these features, there’ll be also several useful functions like download resume, automatic anti-virus checking, built-in scheduler, proxy server support, download limits, drag and drop, multi-lingual along with the quick update feature.

Among the significant features of Internet Download Manager for Android is the capability to accelerate download rate up to 500 %. This is mainly because the app has the smart download logic accelerator that includes the intelligent dynamic file segmentation combined with the safe multipart downloading technology in order to accelerate the download rate on any mobile web browsers. This app will segment downloaded files dynamically during download process. This can be one of the distinctive and impressive capabilities especially when compared with many other download accelerators and managers that commonly segment the files prior to the download process begins.

If you’re excited about this app and you like to download and set it up on your own Android phones or tablet, you can simply search for it on the Play Market. This app requires the Android OS 2.1/Eclair or higher to be installed on the device to be able to run it in the greatest performance. The Internet Download Manager for Android is absolutely free and it will only take about 114 Kb of your disk space. The latest version comes with the Web Spider feature and some other unique features. As being the alternative download places, you can also seek the .apk installation file on the web.

Overall, the Internet Download Manager for Android can be viewed as the dependable and user-friendly download manager or download accelerator mainly because it comes equipped with several advantageous features like simple graphic user interface, good error recovery, downloading resume feature with the intelligent dynamic file segmentation. In contrast, when you open this application you’ll find that there are some advertisements or commercials appear and this can be very frustrating and irritating while you are downloading the files from the web. Then again, anyone should compromise with this drawback since this download manager application has come about as the free version. Eventually, there’ll be no advertisements contained inside the application if it comes as the full version.

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