Internet Network Marketing Daegan Smith Maximum Scam

Daegan Smith’s Maximum Leverage Inner Circle membership has been gaining popularity in recent years amongst network marketers. This membership has attracted those interested in home business opportunities and MLM businesses with its claims of making money without cold calling.

So is Daegan Smith’s Maximum Leverage a scam or is it the real thing?

As a member myself, I can provide a more in-depth look at the program. Let’s take an insider peek at what the program offers.

Daegan welcomes members with a series of orientation videos to help members make the most of the membership site. But you can skip these if you prefer to dig into the meat of the course.

The main component of the Maximum Leverage Inner Circle is the number of video courses covering different areas of Internet network marketing. These include courses like generating traffic through paid as well as unpaid methods, getting leads without calling, recruiting your downline easily and funding your network marketing business.

Besides the courses lined up here, there’s another section which showcases the various live trainings that Daegan has conducted in recent years.

Another valuable section is -What’s working now?” which includes Ad Lab, Breakthroughs and Marketing Journals. Here, you’ll find results of the split tests that Daegan has done to find out what has worked best in his Internet marketing journey.

Other gems in this section include the Guest Trainings and Underground Interviews where Daegan invited famous Internet network marketing gurus to share their knowledge and experiences. You’ll be picking up more valuable tips and perspectives from these multi-million dollar winners.

The bulk of the training in Daegan Smith’s Maximum Leverage Inner Circle is done through videos. There are some notes, transcripts and audios provided but the training would appeal more to people who love watching and learning through videos.

But if you like learning through this mode, you’ll see the value that Daegan Smith provides. Daegan goes into great detail on what he actually does to generate the results he has been getting. He even opens his business for members to see, revealing the number of leads he gets and the revenue he makes through using his methods.

My only quibble is that the videos can be quite long because of the sheer amount of information that Daegan puts into them. It can take a whole day just to go through a single module! But if you look at it another way, that’s equivalent to attending a full day course which can cost $1,000. And with so many courses in Maximum Leverage, you can see the immense value in Daegan Smith’s membership site.

Daegan Smith is one of the top Internet network marketing gurus today. He’s obviously created a system which has made tons of money for him and some of his students. Daegan is also known for giving loads of value to those who know him. His Maximum Leverage Inner Circle site is a prime example of the value he provides and an incredible teaching tool for those who want to succeed in online MLM marketing.

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