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Internet Research Advantages And Potential Errors

Internet is a fast and ever growing medium with great consequences for social and economic life. The strategic business implications of the internet for any business are far reaching. With the ever increasing internet usage it is becoming the preferred platform for conducting consumer research. The Internet has also brought forth new research capabilities to help businesses adapt to and exploit the technological changes now underway. Secure internet-based research system with integrated software and systems is the future of marketing research. The Internet is increasingly becoming a worldwide data collection vehicle for many types of marketing research, including business-to-business as well as consumer research.

High quality of research data is the primary reason for considering conducting internet research. It is faster, cheaper to conduct and when combined with other modes it can yield higher response rates. Main advantages of internet research are:
Attention span time of respondent: Respondents can choose the take the survey at their most convenient time which eventually improves the scope for best results because respondents are able to give their full attention, taking as much time as they deem necessary to provide well-thought-out complete answers.
Accuracy: Respondents have the option of taking as much time as they need to think about the answer. When respondents see and read Internet questionnaires for themselves, they make their own interpretations, without the influence of a third party.

Control: The logic and flow of the research can be precisely controlled.
Diverse medium: Since pictures, sounds, and video can be integrated into the questionnaire, it can be an ideal medium of research for new product concepts.
Detailed surveys: Internet surveys can be longer and more detailed than any other medium.

High Standards: Internet research conforms to the same high standard demands like any other data collection methodologiesprobability sampling, project control, and advanced questionnaire programming etc.
Cost and Timing: Internet surveys are not only faster and less costly than other surveys but also provide higher quality data.

However, many who are new to internet marketing research are not fully aware of the intricacies of this medium. It looks fast, cheap, and simple. While these companies might never attempt to conduct a telephone survey themselves, because of its simplicity, many are confident they can easily and cheaply conduct research over the internet. But just because something looks easy doesnt mean its so. It requires the technical expertise to reliably conduct such surveys with consistent quality.

Many of these new research firms, however lack formally trained, experienced research professionals, nor do they have the systems in place to ensure proper sampling and data collection. Other potential sources of error in internet surveys include:
Lack of rigorous sampling systems and methods
Lack of random selection of research participants which is due to good lists of people with internet addresses
No callback procedures in internet research
Possiblity of biased response since some demographic groups is more likely to respond to internet surveys than other groups.
Questionnaire programming errors

Poorly conducted Internet research might hamper credibility of all marketing research. It is important that the research industry make sure that clients understand mechanics of internet research and the risk involved in the results, so that clients can make intelligent decisions about the use of internet surveys. Given the challenges it is recommended to use internet with combination with research modes.

Internet Monitoring Software

PC sharing is a common phenomenon these days. College students, roommates, different individuals at a cyber caf, children and other family members at home regularly share PCs. Everyone uses the PC in different ways and download or visits many different websites. However the responsibility of any kind of web browsing or surfing eventually lies with the owner of the PC. Any kind of installation of software, content or data stored on the computer or in its browsing history, music, audio or video downloads are all the responsibility of the owner and hence, they have to be very cautious of what is happening on their PC?

Every owner must be able to monitor the programs that are being installed or downloaded on his/her computer, so that in case of an unfortunate event, there is an evidence of the person who has done it. The internet monitoring software was therefore, introduced so that the owner of the PC which is shared often is aware of what is happening and be away from legal complications due to illegal browsing. Thus internet usage monitoring has helped many such owners and is now also used in many corporate and businesses, for various purposes.

When there are a large number of people working in a company, though there is no sharing of PC but chances of employees wasting their time on internet browsing or using social networking sites to connect are quite common. It is no possible for managers to keep checking on every employee personally. Hence, the internet monitoring software does this job quite well. There is software known as work manager which is quite popular, when it comes to internet usage monitoring and many managers prefer it, as it works exactly like a manager. All you need to do is install the program.

This software is a network deployment tool and once it is installed, any manager can check what their employee is doing, at any given point of time. The best part about this internet monitoring software is that the person being monitored does not know that they are being monitored. The internet usage reports can also be generated, from time to time for viewing later. So, it does not keep the person who wants to monitor the usage engaged, all the times. These reports are logged and can be viewed on any random day or every day, too. The entire application is very easy to use and can be done by anyone that has basic knowledge of software.

Similarly, there is also a Network Monitoring Software which also helps in internet usage monitoring in different corporate and businesses. It can monitor the PCs connected to the TCP/IP networks. This software is also capable of taking snapshots of the user screen and does so, at particular intervals. You can also set is to take screenshots of a particular user screen for the entire day. These are helpful, to track any frauds or scams that a user or employee can engage in. Thus, this software has been extremely useful for tracking many frauds and scams that lead to losses in a corporate. It also saves the owner of any litigations or legal complications due to use of the internet.