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Fruitful Things to Do in the Internet

Being in front of the laptop is not always a waste of time. Facebook, Twitter, and Gaming Sites are not the only places you can visit online. The internet hides a lot of wonders that can feed your soul and make you a more wiser person.

1. Read essays and international news

Reading international news will not only enrich the list of words that you can use every day, it will also increase your social awareness. It will make you a person of substance. Unconsciously, you make more clever decisions. You know the trends. Checking out intelligent essays from Forbes MagazineWebsite and inspire you and give you expert tips that can make you a more productive person.

2. Watch cooking videos on Youtube

A good way to make family dinner special is to put something new and delicious on the table. Find healthy, doable dishes and unleash the chef in you.

3. Explore and bookmark travel blogs

Travelling is the greatest escape. It will not only revitalize your soul. It will allow you to explore and understand new cultures while spending time with the people who matter to you. Make sure your next summer trip is awesome, select your adventure earlier. You might get it cheaper through early hotel and plane ticket reservations.

4. Scout for food reviews in your locality

Great distinct food makes every eat-out memorable. Surprise your husband or your friends on your next date by bringing them into a cool new place.

5. Study how-to-do’s

Study quick home and wardrobe fixes as well as quick ways to make fabulous home accessories. You will feel more fulfilled and your family will be happier.

6. Take online writing classes

Trade one hour of Farmville for an hour of writing course online. Courses in writing enrich your reading and writing skills and makes you a more confident person. Journalism online courses improve your skills in formal communications.

7. Connect with high school best friends

If you are going to socialize online, socialize with people who are worth your time. Talk to people who have made a difference in your life. Bring old friendships back.

8. Buy goodies from Indie Artists

Support your local bands. Enjoy fresh music. Appreciate raw talent.

9. Get a word for the day app

People who practice the Learn one new word a day habit end up as better communicators.

10. Earn

Take some online writing or tutoring gigs. It is a convenient way to earn extra income. You can take freelance writing courses.

Pia Jones is a former E-learning student from Careerlinecourses Australia. She believes in the power of collaborative online training courses. With the help of online writing courses she currently working as a full-time professional writer.

The Rise Of Blogging As A New Way of Internet Marketing

As parents, have you been wondering what your children are up to online? If you think they are just using internet to do homework, chat or buy online and send emails, then you are sadly mistaken and probably way behind.

In the 90s when internet was launched, you are right. Now in 2010 when internet was already in advanced stage especially with iphones and ipads, these young people especially those in their teens, early and mid 20s are now using internet for multi-functional purposes.

Apart from social medias and web 2.0 like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Youtube for daily interaction with their friends, they enjoy blogging.

Blog has everything a person or even a child needs. Apart from being an online journal for reader to read what is on his mind, it practically allows him to elaborate in greater detail whatever he can think about but cannot explain well in actual public.

In essence, it is a simple term for web blog or online diary which consists of several article posts, photos, images and videos. How well or how badly they are written entirely depends on that persons instinct of describing things and writing skills be it informative, rational or irrational.

You do not need any technical skills to create great blogs. Sometimes simplicity works better than sophistication. All you need is passion to write on things you enjoy doing most and think can help others achieve the same success. Like cooking, driving, sewing etc.

It is okay to have grammar or vocabulary mistakes but do your best to minimize them even if there are no editors and publishing companies to check and approve your work.

With all these in mind, blogging should not be too difficult for you. Apart from just text and images, you can enhance your blog with appropriate audios or videos.

Videos can be of you talking or someone else. If you want to talk but am not comfortable looking at your face like me, you may consider doing powerpoint presentation with words and images too.

I have met successful bloggers like Alvin Phang and Rob Benwell. They have 2 blogs. One is for their internet marketing activities and the other is their personal blog. Though they are not born as bloggers, they are willing to learn and apply strategies which made them into what they are now.

Blogs are the best alternative to websites. You do not need to buy a web hosting account and domain name although it is advisable you buy one to make your blog address look more professional.

If you are someone who likes to have a site but do not know how to create websites and do not spend money to learn or outsource, you may want to consider blogs for a start. You can put different products be it your own or others but it is best to have them under a common niche like Forex, Home Based Business and Internet Marketing.

I will recommend those sites where you can get your free accounts and create your first blog. They are Blogger and WordPress. I prefer Blogger as it is much easier to use.