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What is free TV over internet and how can I get It?

TV channel can now be broadcast over the internet following a series of research work on how to continuous stream TV movies over the internet. What has been the biggest handicap to developing internet TV is the large amount of space needed to transfer video files online. This is given the fact that previous bands used for the internet transmission were narrow and could only take a limited amount of traffic.

Broadband internet connection Vs DSL Lines

Internet TV streaming over the DSL lines also proved a cropper since in most cases these lines are shared with telephone traffic. In peak hours, accessing Internet video would be very difficult until phone traffic goes down at night. The broadband internet service is a recent achievement in which data and video files transmission over the net has been greatly improved by broadening the bandwidths of transmission.

Free to Air TV streaming over the internet and commercials reach

TV networks around the world offering Free- To- Air TV channels have found a new medium to offer TV broadcasts around the world through the internet. This affords them the opportunity to transmit news channels happening in one region all over the world. In terms of advertisement and market reach, the internet TV phenomenon has opened another whole new window.

Companies with products that appeal to a global clientle can now advertise their services through online TV and increase their sales volume. Although internet TV is still a relatively anew development and is yet to reach such high levels of consumption and engagement, its further is definitely very bright.

Why should I get Internet TV connection to my computer?

One biggest benefit of internet TV is that it is a combination of F-T-A satellite TV channels from around the world. This means that it is offered for free around the world. By other words you can access it online satellite TV on your PC free of charge. This is an especially big advantage to people who are paying high fees for cable and satellite TV in their homes.

Increasing cable TV monthly Subscription fees

Bills for cable TV, for example have increased at a rate of 8% over the last 5 years despite the fact that cable television is fast becoming obsolete. Satellite Dish TV on the other hand is subject to a lot of interferences from the weather. It is very hard to have clear picture during a storm. For people who live in places where weather changes are drastic and strong, TV can actually be a waste of good money.

How you get to save on Monthly satellite TV and cable TV bills

Since internet TV can be transmitted with the same cable that you use for your house phone, it then means that you can opt out of satellite dish or cable TV so as to have your telephone and TV bills come as one. Remember that internet TV is free and the only bill that you get is the phone line bill. At most the increase in your bill due to usage of the internet on the phone line would be a minimal % of your average monthly phone bills.

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